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Renegade Touchless 2-Step Truck Wash Soap System

Step 1, Low pH, Part #: LFGLOPH1GAL

Step 2, High pH, Part #: LFGHIPH1GAL

Touchless 2-Step Truck Wash Soap System is designed to be a powerful and efficient 1 & 2 step washing system for professional truckers and owner-operators. Our Low pH soap (step 1) effectively removes dirt, grime, bugs, and industrial fallout, while our High pH soap (step 2) neutralizes the acid and removes any remaining residue. This dual action system streamlines the washing process and does not require scrubbing in most cases. Please note that a pressure washer is necessary for use and the Low pH soap must always be followed by the High pH soap. The High pH soap can also be used alone as a strip soap in some cases.