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  • 29NW

    Part #: 29NW

  • 25LTD

    Part #: 25LTD

  • PC78LTX

    Part #: PC78LTX

  • 29LX

    Part #: 29LX Cobra LCD 40 channel CB Radio 4 colour LCD display, stores up to 10 frequently used channels+ 10 weather channels. RF output power - 4...

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  • 29LTD

    Part #: 29LTD  

  • 29LTDCH

    Part #: 29LTDCH Chrome Cobra CB Radio with blue display ,4 watts RF power, talk back control and SWR calibration system.

  • 19DX1V

    Parts #: 19DX1V Cobra Classic 40 channel CB, 4-pin screw-on front panel mount microphone, illuminated RF signal strength meter, power on/off volume...

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  • PRO520XL

    Part #: PRO520XL UNIDEN 40 channel CB, automatic noise limiter, RF gain control, squelch control, P.A. switch & instant channel 9, digital disp...

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  • PC68LTX

    Part #: PC68LTX  UNIDEN 40 channel CB, Noise blanker, automatic noise limiter mike gain control, dimmer control, P.A./ CB switch, squelch, S/RF met...

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  • PRO510XL

    Part #: PRO510XL  UNIDEN 40 channel CB, compact design, with 4 segment LED signal strength meter, automatic noise limiter, full adjustable squelch ...

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