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  • 68170

    Large snap-on bezel for Kenworth large gauge - stainless steel

  • 68160

    Small snap-on bezel for small gauge - stainless steel

  • GTS4

    Large gauge cover Fits: Peterbilt and Freightliner

  • GPC35K

     Pyrometer gauge cover Fits: Kenworth

  • GPC35

    Pyrometer gauge cover Fits: Peterbilt and Freightliner

  • GCS02

    Small gauge cover, Peterbilt and Freightliner

  • 512GTS

    Kenworth tachometer and speedometer cover Fits: 2007 and up

  • 511GCS

    Kenworth small gauge cover Fits: 2007 and up

  • 509VGC

    Peterbilt tachometer and speedometer cover w/visor Fits: 2005

  • 508VGC

    Peterbilt gauge cover bezel w/visor Fits: 2005

  • 507DCC

    Kenworth digital clock cover bezel

  • 506VGF

    Freightliner Century gauge cover bezel

  • 505CC

    Clock cover bezel Fits: Kenworth 2002-2006

  • 504VGP

    Pyrometer gauge cover w/visor Fits: Peterbilt 2000 & Older and Freightliner

  • 503VGC

    Small gauge bezel w/visor Fits: Kenworth, Peterbilt and Freightliner

  • 502VGC

    Peterbilt & Freightliner tachometer & speedometer w/visor Fits: 2001-2005

  • 501VGK

    Kenworth tachometer & speedometer w/visor Fits: 2002-2006